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PicPick Professional

PicPick Professional 7.2.2 Crack 2024 With License Key Updated Version

PicPick Professional is a versatile and powerful software suite designed to fulfill a wide range of graphic design and screen capture needs. Developed by NGWIN, PicPick has garnered a dedicated user base due to its robust set of features, ease of use, and affordability. It is available for Windows operating systems and provides a comprehensive solution for tasks such as screen capturing, image editing, color picking, and more.

Before diving into the features of PicPick Professional, it’s important to understand why this software is a popular choice among users. PicPick distinguishes itself by offering an array of functionalities under a single, cohesive interface. This means you don’t need to switch between multiple applications for different tasks, saving time and simplifying your workflow.

In today’s digital age, the demand for versatile and user-friendly graphic design and screen capture software is ever-growing. Whether you’re a professional designer, a student, a content creator, or simply someone who needs to capture and edit screenshots, having the right tool at your disposal can make a world of difference. One such tool that has gained popularity in recent years is PicPick Professional. In this comprehensive review, we will explore PicPick Professional software in detail, examining its features, functionalities, and usability.

PicPick Professional

User Interface

Clean and Intuitive Design

PicPick’s user interface is well-crafted and user-friendly. Upon launching the software, you’ll be greeted with a clean and intuitive design that minimizes clutter and makes it easy to locate the tools and features you need. The interface is customizable, allowing you to adjust the layout and toolbars to suit your preferences.

Quick Access to Tools

At the core of PicPick’s interface are its quick-access tools, which include options for screen capture, image editing, color picking, and more. These tools are readily available, ensuring that you can perform your tasks without unnecessary delays.

Screen Capture Features

Full-Screen Capture

PicPick Professional excels at screen capturing, making it an excellent choice for individuals who need to capture full-screen images or record their desktop activities. With a single click, you can capture the entire screen and save it in various formats, including PNG, JPEG, BMP, and more.

Region Capture

For more precise screen captures, PicPick offers the ability to select a specific region of your screen. This feature is invaluable for creating tutorials, documentation, or simply capturing a specific portion of your screen for later reference.

Window Capture

If you want to capture a specific window or application, PicPick allows you to do so effortlessly. This is especially handy when you want to focus on a particular program or window without capturing the entire screen.

Scroll Capture

Capturing webpages, documents, or images that extend beyond the visible screen can be challenging. PicPick addresses this by offering a scroll capture feature that automatically scrolls through the content and captures it in one seamless image. This is a game-changer for content creators and researchers.

Delayed Capture

Sometimes, you need a few seconds to set up the perfect screenshot. PicPick lets you set a timer for delayed captures, ensuring you can prepare your screen before the software takes the shot.

Hotkey Support

Efficiency is key, and PicPick recognizes this by allowing you to set custom hotkeys for various capture modes. This means you can trigger captures without even opening the software, making the process faster and more convenient.

PicPick Professional

Image Editing Tools

Built-in Image Editor

PicPick includes a robust image editor that can handle a wide range of tasks, from simple image enhancements to more complex graphic design work. The editor provides a variety of tools, including:

Selection Tools: These tools allow you to select and manipulate specific areas of an image, making it easy to cut, copy, paste, or delete portions of the picture.

Drawing and Brush Tools: PicPick offers a set of drawing and brush tools that enable you to add annotations, shapes, lines, and freehand drawings to your images.

Text Tool: Adding text to images is straightforward with the built-in text tool, which supports custom fonts, sizes, colors, and alignment options.

Filters and Effects: Enhance your images with a range of filters and effects, including blur, sharpen, emboss, and more.

Color Correction: Adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, and other color properties to fine-tune your images.

Layer Support

Professional image editing often requires working with layers to maintain flexibility and control over your compositions. PicPick supports layers, allowing you to create complex designs and easily manage elements within your images.

Advanced Image Editing

Beyond the basics, PicPick’s image editor includes more advanced features like gradient fills, clone stamping, and perspective correction. These tools make it a viable choice for both beginners and experienced graphic designers.

Color Picker and Palette

Color Picker Tool

PicPick simplifies the process of selecting and identifying colors on your screen. The color picker tool lets you quickly sample any color from your screen, providing its hexadecimal, RGB, and HSL values for easy reference.

Color Palette

Building and managing color palettes is essential for design projects. PicPick allows you to create custom color palettes, save them for future use, and easily access your favorite colors while working on your projects.

Color History

Keep track of the colors you’ve used with PicPick’s color history feature. This can be particularly helpful when you need to maintain consistency across multiple design elements.

Measuring and Ruler Tools

Pixel Ruler

Accurate measurements are crucial in graphic design. PicPick’s pixel ruler allows you to measure distances, dimensions, and angles on your screen with precision.

Protractor and Crosshair

In addition to the pixel ruler, PicPick offers a protractor tool for measuring angles and a crosshair tool for pinpointing specific screen coordinates. These tools are invaluable for technical illustrations and design work that requires precise positioning.

File Management and Export Options

File Formats

PicPick supports a wide range of file formats for both screen captures and edited images. You can save your work in popular formats like PNG, JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, and PDF, ensuring compatibility with various applications and platforms.

Cloud Integration

For users who prefer to store their work in the cloud, PicPick offers seamless integration with cloud storage services such as Google Drive and Dropbox. This facilitates easy sharing and collaboration on your design projects.

Export Settings

Customize your export settings to suit your needs. PicPick lets you adjust image quality, compression, and other parameters, ensuring that your final output meets your desired specifications.

Additional Features


The built-in magnifier tool allows you to zoom in on specific areas of your screen, making it easier to inspect details or capture high-resolution screenshots.


PicPick’s whiteboard feature enables you to draw and write on a blank canvas. This can be handy for illustrating concepts, creating diagrams, or simply jotting down ideas during meetings or brainstorming sessions.

FTP Uploader

For those who need to share files directly from PicPick, the software offers FTP (File Transfer Protocol) uploading capabilities. This streamlines the process of sharing images with clients, colleagues, or collaborators.


User-Friendly Interface: PicPick boasts an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it accessible to both beginners and experienced users. Its clean design minimizes clutter and ensures quick access to essential tools.

Comprehensive Screen Capture: It excels in screen capture with a variety of options, including full-screen, region, window, scroll, and delayed captures. This versatility makes it suitable for various use cases, from creating tutorials to capturing webpage content.

Rich Image Editing Tools: PicPick’s built-in image editor is feature-rich, offering a wide array of tools for image manipulation, annotation, and enhancement. It supports layers, making it capable of handling both basic and advanced graphic design tasks.

Color Picker and Palette: The color picker tool simplifies the process of selecting and identifying colors, while the color palette and history features aid in maintaining design consistency.

Measurement and Ruler Tools: The inclusion of pixel ruler, protractor, and crosshair tools is valuable for precise measurements and positioning, especially in technical and design projects.

Versatile Export Options: PicPick supports multiple file formats for saving your work, ensuring compatibility with various applications and platforms. Its cloud integration and customizable export settings enhance workflow efficiency.

Additional Features: PicPick includes useful additional features such as a magnifier tool, a whiteboard for drawing and annotation, and an FTP uploader for seamless file sharing.

Customizable Hotkeys: Users can set custom hotkeys for various functions, enabling faster and more efficient workflow.

Regular Updates: NGWIN, the developer of PicPick, has a history of releasing regular updates and improvements, which helps keep the software current and bug-free.

Affordability: PicPick offers a substantial feature set at a competitive price point, making it a cost-effective choice for individuals and small businesses.


Windows-Exclusive: PicPick is available only for Windows operating systems, which means Mac and Linux users are unable to access its features without using emulators or alternative software.

Limited Collaboration Features: While PicPick offers cloud integration and FTP uploading, it lacks robust collaboration features found in some other graphic design tools, such as real-time collaboration or comments on designs.

Less Advanced than Professional Software: While PicPick is a capable graphic design tool, it may not match the advanced capabilities and features of high-end design software like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator.

Learning Curve for Advanced Features: Some of the more advanced features, such as working with layers and using certain editing tools, may have a steeper learning curve for users who are new to graphic design.

Potential Performance Issues: On older or less powerful computers, resource-intensive tasks in PicPick, like working with large images or performing complex editing operations, may lead to performance slowdowns.

Limited Operating System Support: As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, PicPick was primarily designed for Windows and didn’t offer native support for other platforms, which might limit its usability for users who work on multiple operating systems.


PicPick is a versatile and user-friendly graphic design and screen capture software that caters to a wide range of users. Its strengths lie in its accessibility, screen capture capabilities, and rich image editing tools. However, it is essential to consider its limitations, particularly its Windows exclusivity and the availability of more advanced features in professional design software, when deciding if it’s the right tool for your specific needs.


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System Requirements:

  • Supported OS: Windows 10(All Version Support), Windows 8.1(All Version Support), Windows 7(All Version Support) Windows Vista.
  • RAM Memory: 2 GB of RAM (4 GB recommended).
  • Free Hard Disk Space: 200 MB or more.
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or higher.
  • Minimum Screen Resolution: 800 x 600.
  • Windows OS: Some features may require .NET 3.5, 4.6, or later to be installed.
  • Graphics: Graphics hardware acceleration requires DirectX 9 or later, with WDDM 2.0.

How to install it?

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