Hard Disk Sentinel Pro 6.10.8 Crack + Registration Key Lifetime


Hard Disk Sentinel

Hard Disk Sentinel Pro 6.10.8 Crack + Registration Key Lifetime Working

Hard Disk Sentinel is an easy-to-use, simple, feature-packed program used to monitor the performance of computer hard drives and SSDs. The software design allows it to support multiple operating systems. As such, there is no need to download, install, or purchase different tools to diagnose problems with your PC’s hard disk. Compared to HW Monitor, Disk Health Monitor, and HDD Health, this hard disk monitoring tool provides continuous monitoring so you can detect problems in the early stages. The latest version of HD Sentinel has undergone some tweaking to run automatically within your computer’s operating system. Since it is running in the background, you can continue to work with other applications and programs. The simple interface uses the S.M.A.R.T engine, which focuses on self-monitoring, analysis, and reporting technology. With this approach, hard disk monitoring software can analyze transfer speeds in real-time.

HD Sentinel is different from the range of software available in this category. Provides detailed and comprehensive reports on the issues identified during the analysis. You can use the program to monitor e-SATA drives and USB flash drives. In one report, the hard drive monitor shares the health, power, and temperature of the computer. This is an ideal program for people interested in resolving issues before they turn into big problems. As mentioned earlier, the hard disk monitoring software runs in the background. S.M.A.R.T drive is used to check the health status of HDD/SSD. If an error is identified or suspicious behavior is expected, the tool warns the computer user about the situation. It can also take appropriate actions, such as starting an automatic backup. In most computers, the health of the hard drive gradually declines with use. Therefore, S drive technology comes into play.

Hard Disk Sentinel Pro Crack + Registration Key Lifetime Working

Hard Disk Sentinel is an application designed to monitor hard drive activity and track disk temperature, helping you prevent corruption and data loss. You might find the program a little tricky to use when you first download it, but that is only because it has many features, and shows valuable information anywhere you look. Drives and Partitions are listed on the left side, along with health, temperature, and free space, so it is easy to choose one and find more information about it. On the other hand, the rest of the features are organized into tabs, along with detailed explanations to help you throughout. The Overview tab displays summary information on performance and health, but also power on time and estimated remaining life. Running a Surface test will reveal more information and help you fix potential problems.

The “Temperature” section displays the current values ​​for the selected drive, as well as the average day and maximum temperature. Additionally, it displays three different graphs with current, daily average, and daily maximum temperature. Disk performance is the partition that can be very useful because it shows details such as total data read and written, current, average, and maximum transfer rate, but also the estimated maximum transfer rate and average disk activity. Hard Disk Sentinel has an extensive settings menu for configuring hotkeys, disk control, message, and alert settings, and even the way the hard disk temperature icon will appear in the system tray. There are many tests available including random search tests and surface tests and it is best to close all other applications before going there to get the most accurate results possible.

Hard Disk Sentinel

Hard Disk Sentinel Pro Features:

Physical disk information

In the main interface of Hard Disk Sentinel, you can find 7 tabs that display physical disk information in the right pane. They are:


Under the Overview tab, you can check the current performance and health values ​​of the selected hard disk. You can see a text description of the disc on this page. The text area may include hints for any problems discovered. Therefore, you should read the details if the condition of your hard disk is not ideal.


Under the Temperature tab, you can check the current, daily average, maximum and minimum temperature values, as well as a history of recorded values. It helps you find a possible malfunctioning fan, which will cause the temperatures to rise in time.


Under the S.M.A.R.T. tab, the list of S.M.A.R.T. attributes for the selected disk is displayed. The manufacturer determines themes and the list is fixed. You are unable to add or remove any attributes.


Under the information tab, you can view many details about the disc, including the manufacturer, model type, disc interface, serial number, disc width, length, weight, etc.


Under the History tab, you can check the saved history of the installed disk and through Hard Disk Sentinel. It is used to store data field degradations of the most important S.M.A.R.T attributes.

Tweak performance

On the Disk Performance page, you can check the transfer rate (read and write) information of your disk. This is very useful especially while transferring data between two different hard drives, as you can compare the transfer rate and speed and you may find which one is faster.

Hard Disk Sentinel

Hard Disk Test:

Hard Disk Sentinel also provides different ways to test the disk. Some are only available in the registered version, and some may affect the data stored on your disk. Let us see more details in the following content.

Hardware Self-Test

Hardware Self-Test can help you quickly or in detail test the status of your hard disk. You can still use the disk but it may be slower during the test. The test is not destructive and your data saved to disk should be safe.

Supports short and extended self-tests. The short self-test checks the main components of the hard drive and only takes about two minutes. The Extended Self-Test checks the target disk completely and takes longer. If any problem areas are detected, it will reallocate the bad sector.

Random search test

The random search test is useful to help you check noise level, desired track search time, and disk temperature levels. The test will not affect the saved data. Many users may use this feature to test the stability of the hard drive.

During the random search test, the disk temperature may increase from 10 to 15 ° C. Please make sure that the hard drive is not too hot before starting the test.

Surface Test

Surface Tests can check the hard drive surface in different ways. Some methods may destroy the data stored on the disk, and you should learn about them before taking the test. Here are six types of tests:

Read test: When you run this test, HD Sentinel will read the disk surface to check if all sectors are accessible and readable. This will not affect your data.

Write Test: This will overwrite the disk surface to analyze and fix problem sectors by reallocating bad sectors.


Hard Disk Sentinel is compatible with all popular versions of Windows, including XP and 8/8.1. It passed our tests, without the operating system being stuck, crashing, or popping up error messages. Help documents for the most important aspects are available.

The program features several options to help users monitor disk space usage and temperature (including system tray indicators), create and schedule projects, set automatic emergency backups, scan S.M.A.R.T. Themes, configure different types of alerts, generate reports, as well as evaluate the history to create patterns and make corrections if necessary. Hotkeys can be configured and the program can be password protected, while log and alert activity can be checked in separate areas.

Those who want to bypass the installer and run the program directly from a flash drive on any PC may turn to its portable twin with identical features, called Portable Hard Disk Sentinel Professional.


Given the complexity of the tool, it’s safe to assume that first-time users trying to fiddle with it will likely have trouble trying to figure out what it’s doing. In addition, the help guide contains many technical terms.

High levels of CPU and RAM usage are expected when an app is busy with a task, but our tests have shown that memory consumption matters even when it’s idle.


What is Hard Disk Sentinel? How to use it? What are its alternatives? You can find all the answers in this post. If you have any ideas or suggestions after reading this post, feel free to leave them in the next comment area. If you face any problems while using MiniTool Partition Wizard.


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System Requirements:

  • Supported OS: Windows 10(All Version Support), Windows 8.1(All Version Support), Windows 7(All Version Support) Windows Vista.
  • RAM Memory: 2 GB of RAM (4 GB recommended).
  • Free Hard Disk Space: 200 MB or more.
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or higher.
  • Minimum Screen Resolution: 800 x 600.
  • Windows OS: Some features may require .NET 3.5, 4.6, or later to be installed.
  • Graphics: Graphics hardware acceleration requires DirectX 9 or later, with WDDM 2.0.

How to install it?

  • First, download the Software from the link given below.
  • Uninstall the previous version.
  • Note Disable antivirus protection.
  • After downloading, ZIP or extract the RAR file and open the installer.
  • Install setup after installation and close it from anywhere.
  • After replacing the crack, use the license key and register the program.
  • Now, enjoy the latest version!

Hard Disk Sentinel Pro 6.10.8 Crack + Registration Key Lifetime Working

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