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ASTRA32 4.00 Crack + Lifetime Working Keys Free Download 2024

ASTRA32 is a comprehensive gadget facts and diagnostics device designed to offer certain statistics about your computer hardware and software. Whether you’re a professional IT technician or a median user seeking to recognize your system better, ASTRA32 gives a huge variety of features to satisfy your needs. This newsletter will provide an in-depth description of ASTRA32 and discover its key capabilities, highlighting why it has turned out to be a popular choice amongst customers internationally.

ASTRA32 provides a hassle-free way to find data about your system, including reports about your processor, motherboard, BIOS, storage, and more. Everything is organized under an easy-to-navigate interface, so almost anyone can use this program.

ASTRA32, developed by using Sysinfo Lab, is an effective software that provides comprehensive statistics approximately your computer’s hardware and software additives. It offers an in-depth variety of machine evaluation gear, permitting you to gather distinctive statistics approximately your gadget’s configuration, performance, and abilities.

The user interface of ASTRA32 is smooth, intuitive, and smooth to navigate, making it handy for each beginner and advanced users. The software affords particular reports on numerous components of your gadget, allowing you to make informed selections and troubleshoot troubles efficiently. It supports multiple working systems, such as home Windows, Linux, and DOS, making it flexible and extensively well-suited.

ASTRA32 Features:

Gadget summary:

ASTRA32 provides a complete review of your system’s hardware and software program configuration. It displays exact statistics about your processor, motherboard, memory modules, pics card, difficult drives, optical drives, audio gadgets, community adapters, and extras. This option permits you to quickly apprehend the specifications of your device and become aware of any hardware additives which can require updates or replacements.


Hardware monitoring:

ASTRA32 gives actual-time monitoring of your laptop’s hardware parameters, which include temperature, fan speed, and voltage. This selection allows you to maintain an eye on the fitness of your gadget and come across any potential troubles related to overheating or hardware malfunctions. The monitoring data can be displayed in a customizable graphical interface, allowing you to visualize changes over time and take suitable movements to keep premier overall performance.

Software inventory:

ASTRA32 enables you to generate distinctive reports approximately the software program established on your machine. It gives data about the running device, set-up applications, gadget patches, drivers, and greater. This selection is, in particular, beneficial for device administrators who want to hold tune of software program licenses, version numbers, and compatibility issues. It also helps users become aware of old or useless software program that may be accurately eliminated, liberating up disk area and enhancing gadget performance.


ASTRA32 includes benchmarking competencies that let you assess the overall performance of your system’s components. It gives several exams to evaluate the speed and efficiency of your CPU, memory, hard drives, and pix card. The benchmarking effects can be compared to reference scores, supporting you to determine if your system is performing as much as expected. This selection is valuable for gamers, overclockers, and customers looking for to optimize their machine’s overall performance for particular tasks.

Information Export and Printing:

ASTRA32 lets you export the collected facts into various formats, which include HTML, XML, CSV, and text documents. This selection is beneficial when you need to share machine reviews with colleagues, and support technicians, or while documenting your device’s configuration for future reference. Additionally, the software provides printing abilities, permitting you to generate concise and expert-searching reviews at once from the application.

Faraway tracking and Reporting:

ASTRA32 supports far-flung monitoring and reporting, allowing you to gather device records from networked computer systems. This selection is useful for IT administrators who need to manipulate a couple of structures within a community environment. It enables centralized tracking and reporting, presenting valuable insights into the fitness and performance of connected systems.



Complete machine data: ASTRA32 affords precise data about your computer’s hardware and software additives, permitting you to have a complete assessment of your gadget’s configuration.

Consumer-pleasant Interface: The software program features a clean and intuitive personal interface, making it smooth to navigate and use for each novice and superior user.

Hardware tracking: ASTRA32 offers actual-time monitoring of hardware parameters inclusive of temperature, fan velocity, and voltage, assisting you to maintain an eye fixed on the fitness of your machine and hitting upon capacity problems.

Software program stock management: The software program generates distinctive reports about the software program installed on your gadget, assisting you keep tune with installed applications, system patches, drivers, and more.

Benchmarking equipment: ASTRA32 includes benchmarking abilities to assess the overall performance of your device’s additives, enabling you to compare your ratings regarding values and optimize your device’s performance.

Information Export and Printing: ASTRA32 allows you to export gadget data into various formats and presents printing capabilities, making it smooth to proportion reports or create documentation.

Faraway monitoring and Reporting: The software helps remote tracking and reporting, allowing gadget directors to gather information from networked computer systems and manage a couple of structures efficaciously.


Paid software program: ASTRA32 is not a free software program; it requires a buy to access its complete range of features. This will be a downside for customers searching out a free system data tool.

Loss of real-Time indicators: at the same time ASTRA32 offers hardware tracking, it no longer offers actual-time signals or notifications for ability hardware problems. Users need to actively reveal the software program to identify any troubles.

Limited running device support: although ASTRA32 supports more than one working structure, it no longer has considerable compatibility with all operating system variations or distributions. Some users might also discover their specific device configuration is now not completely supported.

No superior gadget Optimization capabilities: at the same time as ASTRA32 presents benchmarking equipment, it does now not offer advanced machine optimization capabilities like automated tuning or hints for improving overall performance.


ASTRA32 is a powerful gadget facts and diagnostics device that gives an extensive variety of functions to help you accumulate detailed information approximately your PC’s hardware and software additives. Its complete reviews, hardware tracking competencies, software stock management, benchmarking gear, facts export options, and faraway tracking competencies make it an invaluable device for system directors, IT experts, and common customers alike. With its user-pleasant interface and full-size functionality, ASTRA32 has mounted itself as a popular choice for gadget analysis and troubleshooting responsibilities.


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System Requirements:

Supported OS:  Windows 10(All Version Support), Windows 8.1(All Version Support), Windows 7(All Version Support) Windows Vista.

RAM Memory:  2 GB of RAM (4 GB recommended).

Free Hard Disk Space:  200 MB or more.

Processor:  Intel Core 2 Duo or higher.

Minimum Screen Resolution:  800 x 600.

Windows OS:  Some features may require .NET 3.5, 4.6, or later to be installed.

Graphics: Graphics hardware acceleration requires DirectX 9 or later, with WDDM 2.0.

How to install it?

First, download the Software from the link given below.

ASTRA32 4.00 Crack + Lifetime Working Keys Free Download 2024

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