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AIDA64 Extreme

AIDA64 Extreme Edition Crack 7.0 + Serial Key Free Download

AIDA64 Extreme stuff is a bit more complicated as the kit provides complete information about both hardware and software available on the system as well as a benchmark component for testing system stability and hardware performance. Unlike other software of the same feather, the AIDA64 Extreme Edition comes in at $39.95, but the features it offers are worth every penny. There are three versions of the application, Extreme Edition, Extreme Engineer, and Business, the first is the cheapest of all and does not differ in features from the second version, except for the fact that it cannot be used commercially. On the other hand, the business version shows remote capabilities such as monitoring and control as well as command line automation, SQL database output, or software auditing with File Scanner. But it lacks many hardware monitoring components, such as thermal alerts.

AIDA64 Extreme Edition installs quickly and doesn’t require much download. In fact, the interface appears very quickly after running the program. With the amount of information available in the program, a simple program window that allows you to jump from list to list in Windows Explorer style is the wisest option. A list of all the menus is located in the left part of the application window. There are 15 modules, each with its own set of submenus. And the options are plenty as AIDA64 is able to provide a wide range of details, ranging from general information about the entire system to comprehensive notes on every piece of hardware that builds your PC.

AIDA64 Extreme/Engineer Crack

Since it is also designed to help you in your overclocking endeavors, the program can also help you compare the overclocked CPU speed with the original speed. We had some issues with the readings on our main test device as it was equipped with an AMD 64 processor and Cool’n’Quiet technology that changes clock rate and voltage to save power when the processor is idle. The result was oscillation in the FSB which was seen as overclocking and displayed accordingly. Once Cool’n’uiet was disabled, all values ​​were displayed normally. The Motherboard menu is the core of the application because it displays information about the most important components of the system, such as the CPU, memory (RAM, switch space, paging file or virtual memory.), chipset, and BIOS. The application presents even the smallest details.

AIDA64 shows the processor type, the stride, the original clock, the minimum and maximum multiplier values, the L1 code and data cache for each core, and even the number of transistors or template sizes. Core and I/O voltages are also mentioned in the list, just like the current CPU usage, separately for each core. For more detailed bits, head over to the CPUID submenu for supported instruction sets, security features, or power management capabilities. The list also shows you which features are enabled and which are not. Under SPD (Serial Presence Detection) AIDA64 displays information about each RAM stick installed on the system. Again, the amount of data displayed is enormous as it not only includes the unit brand, serial number, size or date of manufacture, but also important knowledge such as type, speed, display, voltage or refresh rate. Memory timings are also available.

AIDA64 Extreme

AIDA64 Extreme Edition Features:

  • Diagnosis

AIDA64 provides more than 50 pages of information about hardware configuration and more than 50 pages of installed software, software licenses, security applications, and Windows settings.

  • Stress test

The AIDA64 System Stability Test uses a 64-bit multi-threaded compression test module to push the computer to its absolute limits.

  • Accuracy

AIDA64 has the most accurate hardware detection capabilities in its class, providing detailed information about the internal parts of a computer without having to open it. The hardware detection module is enhanced with a comprehensive hardware database containing more than 230,000 entries.

  • Bookmark

AIDA64 implements a set of 64-bit benchmarks to measure how fast a computer can perform various data processing and mathematical tasks. Multi-threaded memory and cache parameters are available to analyze RAM bandwidth and response time.

  • Software audit

AIDA64 provides more than 50 pages of information about installed software, software licenses, security applications, and Windows settings. A list of processes, services, DLL files, startup programs, and visited web pages is also available.

  • Sensor panel

Build the perfect custom board imaginable that fits your device’s design to monitor all the different sensors, cooling systems, usage, and more. With Sensor Panel, you can use various custom graphs, metrics, and images along with dynamic or static texts associated with all sensor data that AIDA64 can read from your computer and place on a blank canvas the way you want.

  • External display support

AIDA64 can display vital system data on a variety of LCD/VFD devices connected to a computer.

  • Measurements

AIDA64 supports more than 250 different sensors to measure temperature, voltage, fan speeds, and power draw. Scaled values ​​can be displayed on system tray icons, OSD panel, Desktop Gadget, Logitech G15/G19 Gaming Keyboard LCD, and Razer SwitchBlade LCD.

AIDA64 Extreme


Comprehensive System Information: AIDA64 offers a wealth of detailed information about your computer’s hardware and software, including CPU, GPU, motherboard, storage devices, operating system, and more. This information is invaluable for diagnosing hardware issues and ensuring optimal system performance.

Real-time Monitoring: You can monitor various hardware parameters in real-time, including temperatures, voltages, fan speeds, and more. This is helpful for diagnosing hardware problems, tracking system performance, and ensuring hardware is running within safe temperature limits.

Benchmarking Tools: AIDA64 includes a suite of benchmarking tools for assessing the performance of your CPU, GPU, RAM, and storage devices. This is useful for comparing your system’s performance to others and identifying potential areas for improvement.

Stress Testing: The software provides stress testing tools to evaluate the stability and reliability of your computer under heavy workloads. This is important for system stability testing and for assessing how your hardware performs under pressure.

Sensor Support: AIDA64 can access information from various sensors on your hardware, providing insight into the health and status of your components, which is essential for monitoring system health.

Customizable Reports: You can generate customizable reports that include hardware and software information, making it useful for system auditing, documentation, or sharing information with technical support.

Remote Monitoring: AIDA64 supports remote monitoring and control of hardware over a network, making it valuable for IT professionals, system administrators, and network administrators.

Support for Multiple Operating Systems: It supports not only Windows but also Android and iOS platforms, which is versatile for monitoring and benchmarking across different devices.


Paid Software: AIDA64 Extreme Edition is not free. While it offers a trial version, the full set of features is available only with a paid license, which may be a limitation for some users.

Complex for Beginners: The software’s extensive data and features can be overwhelming for novice users, and it may take some time to learn how to navigate and use it effectively.

Resource Intensive: Running benchmarks and diagnostics can put a significant load on your system, potentially affecting its performance during testing. It’s important to exercise caution when using it on a system with limited resources.

Limited Software-Related Diagnostics: AIDA64 primarily focuses on hardware diagnostics and benchmarking. Its software-related diagnostic capabilities are somewhat limited compared to specialized software for software-related troubleshooting.

Interface Design: Some users might find the user interface dated or less intuitive compared to newer system monitoring and diagnostic tools.

Not for Everyday Use: AIDA64 is typically used for specific tasks, such as diagnosing hardware issues, benchmarking, or system audits. It’s not an everyday utility for most users.


There is no doubt that computer diagnostics play a very important role. Using reliable and useful software, we can find many hidden and unknown settings and configurations of the computer and test its functionality and performance.

AIDA64 Extreme is a powerful PC diagnostic and testing software. The program offers a wide range of tools to control and manage every component of the computer.

AIDA64 Extreme contains more than 150 tools that allow you to monitor temperature, voltage, fan speed, etc.


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System Requirements:

  • Supported OS:  Windows 10(All Version Support), Windows 8.1(All Version Support), Windows 7(All Version Support) Window Vista.
  • RAM Memory:  2 GB of RAM (4 GB recommended).
  • Free Hard Disk Space:  200 MB or more.
  • Processor:  Intel Core 2 Duo or higher.
  • Minimum Screen Resolution:  800 x 600.
  • Graphics: Graphics hardware acceleration requires DirectX 9 or later, with WDDM 2.0.

How to install it?

  • First, download the Software from the link given below.
  • Uninstall the previous version.
  • Note Disable antivirus protection.
  • After downloading, ZIP or extract the RAR file and open the installer.
  • Install setup after installation and close it from anywhere.
  • After replacing the crack, use the license key and register the program.
  • Now, enjoy the latest version!

AIDA64 Extreme Edition Crack 7.0 + Serial Key Free Download

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